Lisa's Custom Wardrobe

Tracy Popken

Lisa is an incredible woman who started as a client, and has become one of my closest friends.

She lives with such intention. It's inspiring.  And every time she casually shares a new little story about her life, I'm blown away by all she's lived though and achieved.  Growing up in Louisiana going to raves that literally inspired a scene in True Detective and being a member of the punk rock music scene inspired her decision to become an intellectual property rights lawyer.  And she's winning national awards for her work.  But those two sides of herself, the fun loving music fan in band t-shirts and the attorney at a highly respected firm, were on totally opposite sides of the wardrobe spectrum.  She needed to pull them both towards a common ground with work clothes that weren't suits (because she will never be "a suit") and casual clothes she wouldn't be embarrassed for her co-workers to see her in.  

I started with a series of sketches.

We decided to make the denim skirt. With any weekend outfit she could replace her jeans with this skirt for an instant upgrade. It would be a short (but not too short!) and pencil skirt style. 

I ordered a few samples of denim from, one of which was the perfect shade and weight, without stretch (which was crucial), and I ordered the brass denim rivets.    The result is gorgeous.  Perfectly flattering without being overly sexy.  Unlike a typical denim skirt, there's not zipper placket in front, it zips up the back instead, giving it a more chic look.    I really think every woman needs this skirt, and when I put it into production, I'm definitely naming it "the Lisa!"