Fashion Milage

Tracy PopkenComment

Vintage clothes are such a trend right now,  but they matter for much bigger reasons than how hipster cute they can make you look.   After decades of throw away fashion, we're craving more clothes that are versatile, and long lasting in both construction quality and style.  We want more fashion mileage, and vintage clothes epitomize that concept through superior design, construction, and timeless style.

The quality of design, materials, and construction of vintage clothes is often superieor to what you can buy at a reasonable price point today.   I'm constantly impressed by the fact that something made 40 or even 70 years ago is still relevant to people's lives today, and in many cases still wearable.  Often the only thing needed is to re-sew seams where the thread has become brittle, and maybe adjust the fit, or raise the hem.  Then suddenly this piece of clothing of clothing that is older than the person wearing it, is as beautiful and valuable as anything you could buy at Neiman's today. 

Actually,  the fabric quality has gone down so much in recent decades, that often the older piece is BETTER than what you could easily buy today.