Luxe Fashion in Advertising

Tracy Popken

Allied Stone want you to know their stone is great for not only your kitchen counters, but also that table in your living room, or your restaurant, or wherever you spend your time, and they wanted to say it in a new magazine advertisement.

Danielle Brown, a local stylist, was charged with dressing the model for the ad in a "vintage, classic, comfortable, sophisticated" way. 

Thankfully, she also likes using local fashion designers, hence, you can now see my favorite denim pencil skirt and silk blouse in this very tasteful ad in Luxe magazine and Modern Luxury Dallas.  I love the results!  Especially the beautiful model who is neither 17, nor 100 lbs, but is in fact a gorgeous healthy mature adult woman.  Good job Danielle, and congratulations Allied Stone.  I'm so glad to be associated with both of you in this way.