Tracy Popken has been asked to bring her talents to many local Dallas businesses to help them create functional and stylish pieces that can stand the test of time and support the hardworking efforts of their teams.

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Davis St. is known as a place where people actually talk with friends and make new ones, while the best coffee beans in Dallas are roasted in the adjacent room.

The staff wanted something more meaningful than black polyester aprons.  It should shield the wearer from coffee grounds, give them easy access to tools, and visually communicate the barista's serious dedication to their craft. 

After a long search, we decided on a very special Japanese cotton fabric with a grosgrain texture. Tracy found a local sculptor to make custom bronze buttons out of the shop's coffee bean emblem.  Two front welt pockets, a pen pocket, and a bar key pocket at hand height keep tools within reach.  We also made it in two sizes to accommodate the wide ranging heights of staff members and pre-shrunk the fabric so they can throw them in the washing machine and keep going.

Years later, we’re currently redesigning the aprons in a new fabric for the company’s evolution into making chocolate and bread as well as


Liz, creator of JOY Macarons, is a home baker who fell in love with the visual beauty, delicate texture, and intense flavor of macarons after visiting several iconic patisseries around the world. Finding it nearly impossible to get the precious macarons in Dallas, she began making them herself – as a way to satisfy her own cravings and to make friends and family happy. 

While opening her first storefront, she contacted Tracy Popken to design her staff uniforms.   She brought inspiration images of soft gathered blouses, and we talked about texture, color, wash-ability, and comfort.   Within 2 weeks we had chosen the fabric, and within 6 weeks she had the first set of smocks ready for the grand opening.   Over the unsuing year we've designed additional flat front and waist aprons in the same crinkly cotton fabric with tiny pops of macaron color detail. 


The curtains and aprons you see at the best pie shop in Dallas were designed and manufactured by Tracy, in close collaboration with the owners.

When Megan and Mary's pie shop took Dallas by storm their aprons weren't holding up.  So, Tracy Popken started hand making custom aprons in durable beautiful fabrics and unique styles for every season.  That developed over the years into a unique style of apron made in herringbone denim that the employees at all three location wear while serving you their delicious pie and ice cream. When the growing staff of the off-site kitchen needed their own distinctive look that protects them from both heat and flour, Tracy and Mary collaborated on a bakery coat design.  It's made in a lightweight cotton seersucker fabric that's easy to care for and keeps everyone feeling sharp.

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